Tirgu Mures Airport is founded in 1936, with today venerable age of 78, but it only operates on the current positioning since 1969, when it was given a concrete runway.

1936 – Ministry of Intern Affairs gave the order no. 35.156 / 1936 on the establishment of Tirgu Mures Airport that will be accomplished gradually until 1968.

– The Commission Decision of Tirgu Mures City Hall to start work during the meeting on 08.12.1936 due to report 274 571 / 1936.

– The airport was located downstream, 2.5 km from the centre of Tirgu Mures on a platform of 313 hectares on the left bank of the river Mures, with coordinates 24°14′ east longitude and 46°33′ north latitude. This is where on September 4, 1912 Aurel Vlaicu landed a plane built by himself. The first flights were made to Bucharest, Cluj and Budapest with Li 2 aircrafts.

September 1944 – the terminal and its hangars were blown up by Nazi troops retreating to Budapest

July 9, 1945 – Szabad Szo local newspaper under the title “student are flying again” shows that the flights from Airport Tirgu Mures have resumed, the airport being partially recovered

1948 – Construction of the Cimbora glider in the boats department of the forest factory in Reghin that are being used for flying on Tirgu Mures Airport

July 1948 – starts the reconstruction of the air terminal and the routing of aircrafts. The terminal, later in 1953, became the cab guard

July 1950 – the airline TARS, with Li 2 aircrafts is initiating the flight on the route Tirgu-Mures – Bucharest and transports, by the end of the year, 4350 passengers.  Gliding and AVIASAN flights are also continued

1950 – Tirgu-Mures Airport is equipped with a weather and broadcast centre with a radiogoniometru – LORENZ. The beaconing was assured during daytime with wood and metal beacons painted white and red. Also in 1950 begins the rebuilding of the hangars by volunteer work and on the ground floor of the Palace of Culture in Tirgu-Mures the agency TARS is being opened, which later became TAROM

1953 – Extension of the grass runway at 1,100 m and a total area of ​​24 ha with the expansion of the air terminal with 124 m2 and carrying the control tower with a height of 7 m

1960 – Tirgu Mures Airport operates with Li 2, PO 2, IAR 813, IAR 817, MR 2, AN 2, transporting 19,600 passengers and on the ground the handling was done by 18 employees

1961 – it starts the building of Tirgu Mures Airport Start on the new site downstream of the river Mures, in the village of Vidrasau with coordinates 24°24′ 51” east longitude and 46°28′ 04 ‘north, 14 km from the city of Tirgu-Mures, on a platform of 78 ha, located at an altitude of 294 m above sea level. The first commander of the new of Airport Targu Mures was Mr. Molnar Tiberiu. The new airport has a grass runway of 1.325 x 30 m, the terminal is 810 square meters, the power plant is 268 sq. m, the industrial building is 299 sq. m ,the beacon of 73 sq. m to 1.100 m from the threshold to the axis of the track, Radiogoniometru 29 sq. m to 1.700 m from the threshold to the axis of the runway , beacon 257 sq. m to 8,150 m distant from the axis of the runway threshold, concrete platform embarkation/disembarkation of 2.140 sq. m, beaconing simplified for night flights and control tower.

1969 – Tirgu Mures airport is opened on the new location of the Vidrasau, and the track extends to 2,000 x 30 + 15 m and a platform for embarkation/disembarkation to 14 110 m2.

1978 – Tirgu Mures flights from the airport were made with AN 24 aircrafts, transporting 19.077 passengers, served by an airport staff of 89 employees.

1982 – Tirgu Mures Airport recorded air traffic of 18.471 passengers, under the command of Mr. Urzica Petru.

1990 – Tirgu Mures Airport served 27.872 passengers, under the command of Mr. Fratean Dan Claudiu.

1992 – Cleavage of the airport staff occurred, due to certification of ROMATSA.

1994 – Promoting the development project of Tirgu Mures Airport entitled “Eurodirect 35”, which included the development of infrastructure and facilities of the airport in accordance with the requirements of air traffic, construction and their correlation to the cargo area, the Free Economic Zone and Amusement Park. Airport Tirgu Mures is the first member of ACI Romania.

1997 – By HG 398, Tirgu Mures Airport is being transferred under the tutelage of Mures County Council

1999 – Was initiated the expansion of the air terminal pavilion for international flow.

2001 – Was initiated the modernization marking signals, after the facilities were tooled with modern equipment for aircraft servicing. The staff of the airport was specialized through theoretical courses on Hamburg Airport and practical courses on Lubeck Airport, Germany.

2002 – GAC Hamburg made “Market study and marketing of Tirgu Mures Airport potential” and the Airport joins ARC.

Also in 2002,  5,000 passengers were transported under the command of Mr. Runcan Petru Stefan and a campaign of air traffic recovery was initiated, according to a high standard of quality and at low cost, depending on the frequency of operation.

2003 – The project of enclosure of the Airport’s surface of 92 ha initiated

2005 – Were completed and put into operation important investments such as extension of airport terminal, modernizing buoy, and modernisation perimeter security, serving a total of 12.571 passengers, with the initiation of flights Carpatair, Cimber Air and Tarom.

May 2006 – Tirgu Mures Airport gets called “Tirgu Mures Transylvania Airport”.

2006 – Traffic was achieved throughout 2005 in the first five months, and provisions are made to serve 31.482 passengers, once initiating the flights Airways, Wizz Air and Blue Air, along with the usual operators of the previous year.

May 2012 – Minister of Transport and Infrastructure issued on 4 May 2012 the Order 360 regarding the certification of the airport as „Transylvania International Airport – Tirgu Mures”, pursuant to art. 1 par. (2) of Government Decision no. 791/2009 regarding the conditions for certification of international civil aviation and international air traffic light and art. 5 para. (4) of Government Decision no. 76/2009 on the organization and functioning of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, as amended and supplemented.

April 30, 2013 – Irish company Ryanair starts work on Transylvania International Airport – Tirgu Mures, making international flights bound for Brussels and Pisa.

2014 – Transylvania International Airport – Tirgu Mures recorded in 2010-2013 an increased in the number of passengers by over 380 percent making it the most dynamic airport in Romania in terms of passenger volume – from 74.353 passengers served in 2010, 256.713 in 2011 and 300.427 in 2012 reaching a total of 363.398 passengers recorded in 2013.