International Airport Transylvania

Airport transfer from the center of Târgu Mureș – see the schedule here

According to art. 5 (2) of the Law no. 544/2001, the public authorities and institutions have the obligation to publish and update annually an information bulletin containing information of public interest. We want this newsletter to be a real source of information for all interested people.

Each public authority or institution has the obligation to communicate ex officio the following information of public interest:

a) The normative acts governing the organization and functioning of the public authority or institution;
b) Organizational structure , department responsibilities, operating schedule , audience program of the public authority or institution;
c) The name and surname of the persons in charge of the authority or the public institution and the official responsible for the distribution of public information;
d) The contact details  of the public authority or institution, namely: name, headquarters, telephone numbers, fax, e-mail address and website address;
e) Financial sources, budget and balance sheet ;
f) Programs and strategies ;
g) The list with the documents of public interest;
h) The list of categories of produced and/or managed documents, according to the law;
i) The methods of challenging the decision  of the public authority or institution in the situation where the