International Airport Transylvania

PCR Test available at arrival into any Egypt airport. On the PCR test presented to egyptian authorities the data and hour of biologic sample prelevation has to be inlcuded. Children under 6 years are excepted.

  1. The negative PCR test has to be provided in clear on English language, issued 72 hours before arrival.
  2. It is mandatory to have the stamp of the laboraty and doctor’s signature on the PCR negative test result.
  3. QR code must me available on the PCR test, to be albe to access the laboratory site for the test result.
  4. Listed on paper or email from the official laboratory email adress for the PCR Test result. Otherwise it won’t be valid.
  5. The PCR Test will provide clear and correct customer informations.

Any hand written PCR test it is not valid.

The above ar available only if the turist will do the test before arrival.