At today’s meeting, the Mures County Council approved the financing of the capital repair of the surface areas and RESA (including related facilities) – execution of works, opinions, fees, agreements and technical assistance. This investment represents the first capital repair of the runway, from commissioning to the present, ie over 50 years.

The technical examinations carried out showed the advanced degree of deterioration of the moving surfaces, Transilvania Airport Tîrgu Mureş being in the process of converting the authorization certificate, which complies with the aviation safety and security requirements of the European Union Regulations.

“Today is a very important day for the future of Transilvania International Airport, a day that we all waited, both us, the Airport team, but especially the citizens of Mureş County. By approving the budget needed to repair the runway, we are a step closer to achieving our goal of resuming regular flights as soon as possible, but also developing Transilvania International Airport to provide our passengers with the most enjoyable experience. As I mentioned at the beginning of my term as President of the Board of Administration of Transylvania International Airport, I have proposed important programs, but the most lovable project is to see the smiles of our passengers alive. The plane trip will again become a moment of life for those who choose to fly to or from Tirgu Mures. A moment that we want to make it pleasant, with the time of our arrival at the airport and, possibly, after our take-off, our city, “said Peti Andrei, President of C.A. “Transilvania” International Airport.

In a very short time, public procurement will begin, following the procedural steps, and the repair work will begin as soon as possible. We hope traffic can be reopened on December 1, 2017.

The total investment financing approved in today’s meeting is 77,000,000 lei (including VAT). Besides the funds approved for the capital repair, the Mureş County Council also approved the investment and repair list in order to ensure safe operating conditions on the new airport runway, including studies to meet the General Transport Masterplan.

Peti Andrei
President C.A.