SPICE PROJECT (Synchronized PBN Implementation – Cohesion Europe)


General Informations

Project Name: Synchronised Performance Based Navigation Implementation Cohesion Europe (SPICE)
Financing agreement INEA : GRANT AGREEMENT no INEA/CEF/TRAN/M 2015 /1125723
Implementation time: 17.02.2016 – 31.12.2020
Project Coordinator: EUROCONTROL (European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation)
Total value of the SPICE Project: 39.029.792 Euro
Cofunding: in a proportion of 85% by the European Union through the Connecting Europe Facility
Own contribution to the financing of eligible expenditure: 15% each airport member
Beneficiary of funding law: The Association of Airports in Romania (A.A.R.), for the 16 airports affiliated to A.A.R
Final beneficiaries of studies and implicitly of European funding: member airports
Total project value TRANSILVANIA AIRPORT TURGU MURES: 156,000 Euro

  • 5 air carriers: Aegean, Blue Air, Regional Air Service, SATA, Tap Portugal
  • 5 air traffic controllers: DCAC, HCAA, LPS SR, NAV Portugal, ROMATSA
  • Airport Association of Romania (A.A.R.)
  • Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority (RCAA)

The SPICE project is part of the implementation phase of the SESAR (Single European Sky) program aimed at increasing the efficiency of air traffic management and air navigation services by reducing the fragmentation of European airspace by implementing a PBN performance-based navigation system that exploits capabilities advanced navigation (RNAV) of modern aircraft to allow for efficient airspace design and air traffic system planning in order to optimize available airspace.

The Single European Sky (SESAR) initiative was launched in 1999 to improve the performance of air traffic management (ATM) and air navigation services (ANS) through a better integration of European airspace.
The Grant Agreement between the European Commission and the beneficiaries was signed in Brussels at the end of November 2016. Since EUROCONTROL is the coordinator of this project, it was all partners when signing the Grant Agreement.

Project tasks involve data collection through the obstacle studies of airports participating in the project, designing, coding and endorsement of equipment for PBN implementation.
The implementation of the project activities will allow the control of the operations within the Romanian airspace with the help of the PBN, thus allowing safer and more efficient trajectories, while reducing the missed and redirected rate.
Given that the AAR is a partner / beneficiary in the project, because each A.A.R. be eligible to receive funding through this project for the obstacle studies conducted, A.A.R. must enter into contracts with the airports participating in the SPICE project. Tender agreements provide for the actions of the SPICE project, including the project management part.
According to EUROCONTROL, each project partner will handle project management. Thus, at the level of Romania, RCAA is the entity that will supervise compliance with the timely fulfillment of the obligations of each Romanian partner (ROMATSA, RCAA, AAR, RAS, BLUE AIR).
Each Romanian partner will send all reports of the execution of the activities to EUROCONTROL.


With regard to A.A.R., since in fact, member airports are the final beneficiaries of the studies and, implicitly, the European funding, but according to the A.A.R. is the beneficiary of the right of financing, procedures must be drawn up within the framework of the A.A.R. regarding the project activity: project management, reporting on the execution of the activities, making payments to the airports.

Implementation stage on 31.12.2017 (AAR beneficiary level)

Since the first quarter of 2017, organizational activities on the implementation of the project have been carried out. Several working sessions were held at the headquarters of the ARA, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Transport and at Eurocontrol headquarters in Brussels, to clarify the joint action directions for the implementation of the SPICE project. Also, issues related to the SPICE Project were also discussed at the meetings organized by A.A.R. with the airport directors and the representatives of the aviation institutions, EUROCONTROL, ROMATSA or the Romanian Civil Aeronautics Authority.
In 2017, through the Romanian Airports Association, 7 of the 16 airports in Romania received European funds to carry out obstacle studies.
At the December 2017 level, A.A.R. received, reviewed for compliance and approved the amounts requested by 7 airports, representing 44% of the 16 airports affiliated to A.A.R. and included in the SPICE project.
Reimbursement of airport barrier studies during the project implementation period was made up to 40% of 85% of the value of the invoice excluding VAT, in accordance with the amount collected by the Recipient of A.A.R. as well as initial pre-financing from INEA / EUROCONTROL.
Between 30 June 2017 and 31 December 2017, A.A.R. made payments for the reimbursement of the eligible costs actually incurred by the airports for a total amount of 257,256 lei, which represents 55,937 euros (1 euro = 4,599), ie 14% of the value of the initial pre-financing.
The following 7 airports located at A.A.R. have benefited from funding under the SPICE project during 2017:

  • R.A. International Airport „George Enescu” BACĂU
  • International Airport TIMIȘOARA „Traian Vuia” S.A.
  • S.C. International Airport ARAD S.A.
  • International Airport CRAIOVA
  • International Airport MARAMUREȘ
  • National Airport Company BUCURESTI S.A.

The Romanian Airport Association will continue to implement the SPICE project in 2018, so that according to the documents submitted by the airports, the initial pre-financing will be used in full, after which the first REPAYMENT REQUEST will be submitted to INEA / EUROCONTROL for the reimbursement of the eligible expenses 85% of the invoice value, excluding VAT).

Implementation stage on 31.12.2017 (beneficiary level Transilvania Airport Tirgu Mures)
Transylvania Airport Tîrgu Mureş, the final beneficiary of the studies and implicitly the European funding through the SPICE project, carried out public procurement procedures for the contracting of topographical surveying services in 2017, detailed as follows:
Procurement Procedure on “Performing topographical barrier measurements and set of aerodrome data according to EU Regulation 139/2014 / lot I, Lot II, Lot III”, according to the Law, simplified procedure.
SEAP no. 396104 date 15.11.2016.
Deadline for submission of tenders: 28 11 2016, 15.00.
Bidders: Both for lot I and lot II: S.C. First Meridian S.R.L. and S.C. Cornel & Cornel Topoexim S.R.L.
For batch III no bids were submitted, therefore it was automatically canceled.
Awarding Report on 17 January 2017: for Lot I and Lot II for S.C. First Meridian S.R.L.
Contract no. 15 of 31 03 2017, for lot I, in the amount of: 32,505 lei, VAT excluded
Contract no. 16 from 31 03 2017, for lot II, in the amount of: 131 575 lei, without VAT

SEAP no. 405960 date 24 05 2017, for lot III
Deadline for submission of tenders: 07 06 2017, 15.00
Tenderers at the procedure: S.C. Consitrans S.R.L.
Attribution report dated 15 06 2017: to S.C. Consitrans S.R.L.,
Awarding a service contract (batch III) to verify the conformity of the data presented in lots I and II with the requirements of the specifications to SC Consitrans SRL.
Contract No 31 of 21 06 2017, for Lot III, amounting to: 29 000 lei, excluding VAT
Reception of airport docu mentation (minutes) no. 7174 of 31 10 2017, for Lot I.
Reception of airport docu mentation (minutes) no. 7175 of 31 10 2017, for lot II.
The technical documentation related to Lot I and II was submitted to the AACR for approval with Nr. 7326 dated 06.11.2017
Remarks: in AACR verification
Transmitting documents related to the request for reimbursement after, the AACR approval of the documentation.

PROVISION FOR 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 for obstacles and maintenance