Dear passengers, if you wish to travel to Hungary, please acknowledge and respect the following COVID 19 restrictions:

Passenger restrictions do not apply to:

– Persons with COVID-19 immunity certificates issued by Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro,

Slovenia, Bahrain, Croatia, Turkey, North Macedonia, Czechia, Mongolia, Georgia, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia, Cyprus, Albania, Morocco, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and to minors under 12 years in their company. The certificate has to be issued in Hungarian or English;

– Persons with

    • EU digital COVID certificate vaccinated with EMA approved vaccines; or
    • with vaccines on WHO emergency list; or
    • with vaccines approved and used in Hungary vaccinated at least once within less than one year; or
    • with one negative Sars-COV2 PCR test within 72 hours before entry in English or Hungarian language.

Passengers in transit are allowed to enter in case of negative health screening at entry, if

they are able to certify the purpose and destination of their travel and their entry into a neighbouring country of Hungary on their way to their final destination is ensured. Proof can be: railway ticket confirmation of road transportation by a transport company and similar documents.

Passengers arriving for cultural or sport events in Hungary are allowed to enter with a ticket

of the event provided that they have one negative sars-cov2 PCR test results within 3 days before entry certified by a document in Hungarian or English.

Romanian citizens who travel for business purposes in Hungary, if they have stamped document referring to Article 9/A Gov. decree 408/2020 it is accepted. The validity of the document will be checked by the border police in Budapest. Important thing: stamp by the Romanian company with connected business entity in Hungary + the referring paragraph to Article 9/A Gov. decree 408/2020.