Today, March 24, the WizzAir Company announced that in the context of the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, starting tomorrow two flights from Transylvania Airport are suspended. This is the flight to Memmingen, which was canceled for the period March 26-April 12, and the flight to London, which was canceled until April 27. The decision to suspend flights belongs exclusively to the airline.

So far, the schedule of flights to Budapest and Dortmund has not been changed. If new changes occur, we will inform you as soon as possible

Thank you for understanding!

Starting tomorrow, March 26, all flights from Transylvania Airport are suspended as a result of measures taken to limit the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. Military Ordinance no. 3 provides for the suspension of all flights to and from Germany, so the Dortmund-Târgu Mures flight is canceled from March 26 for an indefinite period.

At the same time, WizzAir has announced today that, starting tomorrow, it will suspend flights to Budapest until May 1st.

The flight to Dortmund and Budapest scheduled for today will be made, without changing the flight schedule.

Depending on the evolution of the current situation and the decisions taken by the Romanian authorities and the airlines, we will inform our passengers about resuming flights from Târgu Mureș Airport.